There are many solutions being presented by FBT at this year’s edition of Prolight + Sound, including some new products and updates. We’ll start with the new HORIZON VHA (Vertical Horizontal Array) series, composed of the VHA406A module (600W + 300W – 133 dB SPL), the VHA112SA (12″) and VHA118SA (18″) subwoofers.

The VHA406A module contains four 6.5“ woofers and 1.4” neodymium compression driver with 2.5“ voice coil. The central waveguide offers a horizontal dispersion of 90° and 20° vertical. It has been designed for perfectly balanced symmetric dispersion. Integrated hardware allows for the connection up to six VHA406A cabinets, with the possibility of adjusting the inclination from 5° to 20°. The system also allows for the creation of horizontal arrays thanks to the new anchor points and the special flybar, able to support up to three VHA406A cabinets.

The VERTUS series has been updated with two new products: VERTUS 406.2A and VERTUS CLA 206A. Both of them have clear improvements regarding portability, with new hardware that is even more robust. The 406.2A version is a Class-D 600W + 300W system, capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 133 dB thanks to the four 6.5″ woofers and a 1.4″ B & C compression driver, with 2.5″ voice coil. The waveguide allows for a coverage of 100° (H) x 25° (V). CLA206A is basicaly the same but with only two 6.5″ woofers.

At the very end we also have the new Vertus CLA 803TB & 403TB.

Check the links below for more Horizon series information and photos on official FBT facebook profile.