Matt Harpster, Artesia CEO convinced us, that Artesia brand is not only showing high standard, but also is growing and developing and the best proof of this is unbelievable number of new products displayed on NAMM’18. Take a look!

Artesia A61
First presented product was Artesia A61 – highly portable digital piano, for people which is taking sound serioulsly and expecting high quality results of their work. Instrument offers three layers of sounds and all needed connections such as USB. Its great proposition for students or musicans that are fine with 61-key piano.

Artesia PA-88W
88-key version of PA model. It has 88 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys. Here we can find a total of 12 different instrument voices to play with. It also features customizable effects such as digital reverb and chorus. The Artesia PA-88W has a compact cabinet with built-in dynamic stereo sound delivery systems, in addition to USB/MIDI connectivity, and other on board performance features. It features class compliant USB connectivity, which allows interaction with music apps, learning software and DAW integration.
The PA-88W has a semi-weighted action keybed that is a pleasure to play and perfect for music on the go. The compact keybed allow a slim and light weight design for easy transportation and performance. It is also possible to change the key sensitivity to play more comfortably with a soft or harder touch.

Artesia A22XT USB Audiobox Interface
The Artesia A22xt is a professional 24-bit audio interface, offering maximum flexibility as a fully bus powered USB device with pristine audio quality. Its a complete packages, very easy to work with and featuring everything what is essential. It features 2 analog inputs and 2 analog output channels with RCA connections, a microphone preamplifier with XLR input and support for +48V phantom power, a HI-Z instrument input for guitars (and others), a high quality headphone output and TRS line outputs.  All monitoring from Master and Headphone monitoring can be controlled on the front panel. Master and headphone volume as well as monitoring are controlled on the front panel.  On the software side, the a22xt provides low latency drivers with support for WDM, ASIO 2.0 and CoreAudio.  If your looking for a powerful, portable and simple USB audio solution to turn your PC or MAC into a recording Studio, the a22xt is the perfect choice.

XKey controller
The body of the Xkey is housed into a piece of molded aluminum. The thickness is merely .62″ Weighing at a little over 1lb. With the slim and light form factor of the Xkey, it can be completely put into standard size backpack. Xkey not only inherited the essence of the piano keyboard, also succeeded beyond the limits of traditional music keyboard design that with the rugged and lightweight mobile features perfectly together. Its excellent product not only for performers, but also for students, which doesn’t have piano in house. Artesia offers models with 25 and 37 keys, and there’re models with USB connection and Bluetooth. Latency on this device is close to zero, and has no influence playability.